Excellence in Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching Award

© Cig Harvey

“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism”

– Colleen Wilcox

The Excellence in Teaching Award honors a high school, college or postgraduate teacher’s dedication and commitment to their students and their field. Educators in all areas of photographic teaching are eligible, including fine art, documentary, history and criticism. The Award Winner receives a $4,000 grant in honor of his or her exemplary teaching skills and techniques. Each educator is nominated by his or her student(s). Nominations will open this upcoming year for the 2019 Teaching Award.

We established the Excellence in Teaching Award in 1998 to recognize great teaching and its exceptional contribution to photographers’ artistic and personal development. The award recognizes teachers who demonstrate a genuine passion for teaching, an ability to excite students to learn, a respect for students as individuals, and an enduring artistic curiosity.


// Educators need to have a genuine passion for teaching
// An ability to excite students to learn
// A respect for students as individuals
// An enduring artistic curiosity


Cig Harvey
Maine Media College, Anderson Ranch, Santa Fe Workshops


Heather Protz
Professor, College of Southern Nevada
Kathleen Sanker
St. Charles Community College

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