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Art for the Isolated is an expanding and diverse collective of artists and poets who are creating a generative dialogue between text and images. The resulting pairings are printed in the form of postcards and given to hospitals to be distributed to isolated patients and caregivers across the country.

Participating artists and poets have submitted photographs, paintings, and poems (in both English and Spanish) with patient needs in mind. We collaborate with each hospital to creatively generate processes to fit each specific medical context. The artworks, the location, the method of distribution are all tailored to best support the patient and hospital staff’s needs while adhering to each hospital’s sterilization practices. Submit your work to join the collective here.

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Farewell by Tony Chirinos

“In my work, death is the quiet context and the constant, the slow and steady pulse that is as much a part of living as that first heartbeat of a new creation.”

Farewell is Tony Chirinos’ long-term project created during his 15-year career as a hospital photographer. Chirinos was granted access to a hospital operating suite and the morgue and the resulting project includes three distinct, yet interweaving projects, that focus on the performance and procedures of the operating theater, scenes portraying the sterility and quiet of the morgue, the typological examination of the surgical and medical tools.

The two former projects are presented in black-and-white, and the tools in color. All photographs are shot on film. The three projects explore the fragility of the human body and our tenuous connection between life and death.

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