Review Santa Fe

CENTER’s premier juried portfolio review event, Review Santa Fe, is a weekend-long conference for photographers and artists seeking audience expansion, critical discussion, and community connection.

One of the oldest portfolio review events in the U.S., Review Santa Fe enters its 20th year in 2021. The conference will include a variety of virtual programs, including portfolio reviews, the annual Photographer Presentations, panel discussions, and more. Reviewer confirmations are rolling in so please stay tuned ~ view the growing list here.

Learn more about Review Santa Fe here.

Support Living with Conviction

In partnership with formerly incarcerated individuals, Living with Conviction: Sentenced to Debt for Life in Washington State leverages multimedia storytelling and legal empowerment strategies to advocate for an end to onerous legal financial obligations (LFOs), which courts impose on defendants at the time of sentencing.

For decades, Washington courts have been imposing these LFOs, i.e., fines, fees, costs, and victim restitution on criminal defendants at the time of sentencing, which until recently have accrued interest at a rate of 12%.

Through recorded interviews and photoshoots, formerly incarcerated individuals share what it’s like for them and their families to try to survive and thrive under court-imposed legal debt. Recent legal reform has helped, but substantial relief from this debt remains largely inaccessible.

More about the work and to read their stories please visit the Living with Conviction website. Contribute to Deborah Espinosa’s work Living with Conviction here.

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