Review Santa Fe 2020

Join us as we celebrate 20 years hosting our premier juried portfolio review event, the Review Santa Fe Photo Festival. The weekend-long conference and festival for photographers that are seeking audience expansion, critical discussion and community gathering in the profoundly unique sense of place Santa Fe, NM.

Hosting over 1,000 one-on-one portfolio reviews with around 50 curators, editors, publishers and international festival directors who each year come to view the photographic vanguard.

EVENT DATES: October 15 – 18, 2020

Applications are currently open for submission

2019 Winners Exhibition

CENTER’s artists investigate current issues like segregation, historical stereotypes, coming-of-age, maternal mortality and more. CENTER’s 2019 Award and Grant winners projects are featured in the exhibition, 2019 CENTER Santa Fe Award Winners Exhibition, with images selected by Mia Diaglish & Lisa Woodard, curators at the Pictura Gallery.

Featured Artists include Cody Cobb, Tara Cronin, Annette Fournet, Rich Frishman, Dylan Hausthor + Paul Guilmoth, Lori Hawkins, Lesia Maruschak, Rania Matar, Rocky McCorkle, Moira McDonald, Kevin O. Mooney, Kitra Cahana, Maria Sturm, Igor Tereshkov, and Xan Padron.

WHEN: Opening Night – Friday, December 6, from 5pm-8pm
WHERE: Pictura Gallery, 202 S. Rogers Street, Bloomington, IN
Exhibition Dates: December 6, 2019 – February 1, 2020.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30, Saturday 10am-7pm

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