The Democratic Lens: Discussion Series

CENTER is pleased to announce that the National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded us the necessary funding to implement a new lecture, essay, and interview series, The Democratic Lens: Photography and Civic Engagement, in 2022-23.

Guided by a multidisciplinary Scholar Advisory Council, The Democratic Lens programs will explore historical accounts of American populations who used photography as a tool for reshaping the cultural landscape of the U.S. Through the lens of photographic history, the series will explore the democratic process, equity, and citizens’ capacity to influence a nation and will prioritize underrepresented histories to emphasize the diversity of the citizenry.

Join us in November 2022 for the Lecture Series kick-off at the Review Santa Fe Photo Symposium.

Click here to learn more about the discussion series.

Project Lab Seminars + Workshops

The 2022 Project Lab Seminars are a professional development series that offers guidance on best practices and community impact through career advancement Seminars + Workshops discussing grant writing, editing, and portfolio review preparation.

Hosted online for two days, the 1st day is open to interested lens-based artists worldwide, and focuses on the presenter’s course discussion. The 2nd day provides an added workshop that allows participants to discuss their projects and receive feedback from each other and the instructors.

• October 5 + 6 | Editing for Impact with Amber Terranova, Photo Director, Educator, & Visual Producer – register now

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