BREAKING THROUGH: Editing for Impact Seminar

Hosted by Christy Havranek, Photo Director at HuffPost and Stacy J. Platt, Founder of PhotoBook Addict, the Breaking Through: Editing for Impact seminar will focus on utilizing the editing process to amplify your voice. Learn how to tailor material for specific audiences and the do’s and don’ts of submitting your work to awards, grants, and publications.

1st day – Discussion around honing a statement of purpose, editing and sequencing strategies, and effective presentations for image professionals.
2nd day – Added opportunity to discuss your projects and receive feedback from each other as well as specific advice from the presenters.

Learn more and register for the seminar here.

Preparing for Portfolio Reviews Seminar

Presented by Review Santa Fe Portfolio Reviewer and CENTER Advisory Council Member, Mary Anne Redding, the Preparing for Portfolio Reviews seminar offers advice on preparing your work for meetings with curators, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals.

1st day – Discuss the importance of tailoring your body of work to different types of opportunities from gallery and museum exhibitions to print publications and books.
2nd day – Added opportunity to receive an invaluable portfolio critique session to refine your project.

Learn more and register for the seminar here.

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