From the series As we play god © Leah Dyjak, 2021 me&EVE grant recipient

Thanks for joining us in October 2021

CENTER’s premier juried portfolio review event, the Review Santa Fe Photo Symposium, is a conference for photographers and lens-based artists seeking audience expansion, critical discussion, and community connection. One of the oldest portfolio review events in the U.S., Review Santa Fe, enters its 20th year, in 2021. The conference’s virtual programs include portfolio reviews with esteemed Reviewers, Photographer Presentations with the 2021 Award and Grant recipients, and access to Panel Discussions Outreach & Advocacy and Critical Business Practices for Photographers. The event schedule can be found here.

View and download the 2021 Program Guide.

REVIEW SANTA FE 100 PHOTOGRAPHERS | Learn more about a range of photographic projects one minute at a time with this unique Video Showcase. CENTER invited participating Review Santa Fe artists to provide videos of their work as part of our first online Review Santa Fe. The resulting video has an incredible range of themes, concepts, and talents from around the world. Concluding the Review Santa Fe showcase is a presentation of student work from New Mexico State University. To learn more about the photographers you’ve experienced in this video, as well as those who may not be featured here, please visit the Photographer Listing for an entire list of 2021 Review Santa Fe photographers.

EVENT UPDATE | After much consideration, we have decided to cancel the in-person events for Review Santa Fe. This includes the beloved Portfolio Walk, scheduled for October 15, 2021, in Santa Fe, NM. There are studies that have pointed to the COVID-19 variants reaching peak numbers in October and we are concerned about the safety of our participants and visitors. Regrettably, CENTER will not be hosting any in-person receptions or meet-ups this year.

ACCESSIBILITY | Sign-language interpretation, program guides, assistive listening devices, and other guest facilitation are all available upon request. Please contact us to inform us of your needs.


WHEN: Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 1:30-4pm MST
WHERE: Hosted online through Zoom
HOW: Free & Open to the Public

Highlighting excellence and innovative contributions to the field each year with the annual awards and project grants, the CENTER Award and Grant recipients are selected by a blind jury comprised of new image professionals each year.

Moderated by Holly Stuart Hughes, independent editor, writer, and grant consultant, the winning artists will discuss exploring interior spaces, the representation of inner lives, their inventive use of landscapes, and the rarely seen places in projects exploring ecology, personal and collective history, and artistic self-expression. Learn more.


WHEN: Thursday, October 14, 2021
WHERE: Hosted online through Zoom
HOW: Free & Open to the Public

CRITICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS IN PUBLISHING & EDITORIAL | 11:30am-1:00pm MT – CENTER and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) presents a panel conversation discussing the most important business practices for navigating the ever-shifting landscape of publishing and editorial industries. Panelists include Alyssa Coppelman, Deputy Art Director at Harper’s Magazine and Art Researcher for the Oxford American Magazine, Whitney Johnson, VP of Visuals & Immersive Experiences at National Geographic, and Thomas Maddrey, General Counsel and Head of National Content & Education for ASMP in conversation with Moderator Holly Stuart Hughes, Independent Editor, Writer, and Grant consultant. Learn more.

OUTREACH & ADVOCACY: PUTTING IMAGES TO USE | 2-3:30pm MT – Photographers passionately committed to social concerns will explain their strategies for using their visual storytelling as tools for advocacy, education, and empowerment. Panelists include Deborah Espinosa, CENTER Fiscal recipient, Peter Merts, CENTER Social Award recipient, and Meridel Rubenstein, CENTER Project Launch Grant Honorable Mention recipient in conversation with Moderator Holly Stuart Hughes, Independent Editor, Writer, and Grant consultant. Learn more.


The Reviewers are carefully selected curators, editors, book publishers, gallery and festival directors. At Review Santa Fe we work hard to research and include reviewers that are offering more than feedback, but also opportunities for career advancement and placement of your work in a supportive and friendly environment.

View the list of Reviewers here.


This program stands out amongst portfolio reviews because it is carefully vetted by a selection committee, ensuring the quality of the work. Each year a new independent committee ranks all of the submissions, with the highest-ranking submissions receiving an invitation. Along with the vetted photographers, the annual awards and grants recipients to participate in Review Santa Fe. It is a blind judging process and all different types of lens-based projects are invited to attend including documentary, fine art, black and white, reportage, and interdisciplinary projects. Learn more about the application process and guidelines here.

Read the 2021 Selection Committee Statements here. View the 2021 Review Santa Fe 100 Photographers portfolios.

CENTER has launched many now-famous photographers’ careers including Alec Soth (2003), Julie Blackmon (2006), Tamas Dezso (2011), Cristina de Middel (2012), and many others. This event helps photo-based storytellers bring their work to completion and have it seen by industry leaders, editors, curators, and publishers who are portals to broad international audiences.


CENTER has initiated a NEW Mentorship Program for first-year attendees. Review Santa Fe is an incredible opportunity for career development, industry networking, and taking your practice to the next level. In order to best optimize all the opportunities Review Santa Fe offers, CENTER will pair up new incoming photographers with experienced alumni for advice and mentorship. Requests for mentorship become available after invitations have been sent out. Learn more.

This program is made possible by the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation.


The 2021 Photo Symposium Seminars are hosted online over the course of 2 days. The 1st day is open to any and all interested lens-based artists and will focus on the presenter’s course discussion. The 2nd day* provides an added experience for a portfolio critique that offers participants the opportunity to discuss their projects and receive feedback from each other as well as the instructors. Pre-Registration is required. *A limited number of spaces is available for the 2nd day.

Learn more:
Breaking Through: Editing for Impact with Christy Havranek, Photo Director from HuffPost & Stacy J. Platt, Founder of PhotoBook Addict; artist, writer, editor, & educator | Aug. 27 + 28
Preparing for Portfolio Reviews with Mary Anne Redding, Independent Curator, formerly at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts & the Marion Center for Photographic Arts; Review Santa Fe Portfolio Reviewer; CENTER Advisory Council Member | Sept. 17 + 18


HurleyMedia Scholarship Award
Melissa Dale
Cosima Amelang
Devra Breslow
Evan Siegal
George & Karen Wzorek

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CENTER would like to thank those who make the Review Santa Fe programs possible: The Gumbo Foundation, the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation, the City of Santa Fe Arts & Culture Department, New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New Mexico Humanities Council and photo-eye.

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