Image detail from the project Hidden Waters, Arid Land Springs in the American West © Bremner Benedict, 2023 Project Launch Grant Recipient

Announcing the Winner

The Project Launch Grant supports a complete or nearly completed documentary or fine art series. The grant provides financial support and platforms for professional development opportunities for one photographer.


• $5,000 Grant
• Professional Development Seminars
Review Santa Fe Admission
• Project Presentation
• Publication in LENSCRATCH
• Inclusion in the CENTER Winners Gallery & Archive


Bremner BenedictHidden Waters, Arid Land Springs in the American West

FROM THE PROJECT STATEMENT: Since prehistoric times springs have been key to humanity’s survival. Unfortunately arid and semi-arid land springs, and their supporting aquifers in North America are endangered and disappearing at a rate that continues to increase as the water crisis in the West prevails across lands that are the driest they have been in 1,200 years. Being an artist who is passionate about the water crisis and water scarcity in the West, I am drawn to their story as unseen yet essential details whose importance is misunderstood.


Anne Kelly • Gallery Director, photo-eye Gallery

Anne Kelly is the Director of photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, NM, and has been with the company since 2006, producing and installing over 80 exhibitions. Established in 1991, photo-eye Gallery is a premier contemporary photography gallery representing both established and emerging photographers. Her interest in photography developed at an early age, influenced by her mother’s love for the medium. In addition, Kelly is a highly engaged portfolio reviewer for several arts groups and organizations across the country, both in-person and online, providing feedback, critique, and discourse. As an active supporter of the arts, Kelly has been described as enthusiastic, tenacious, and curious and is an occasional contributor to Analog Forever Magazine.