Image detail from the project Neuromantic © Ana Cristina Vallejo, 2021 Excellence in multimedia Storytelling Award Recipient

The Excellence in Multimedia Storytelling Award recognizes outstanding storytellers using lens-based media to create narrative-driven projects. The award is open, but not limited to, photography, video, new media, photojournalism, installation, and web-based works. Projects that inspire social action, document crucial issues and amplify underrepresented voices are encouraged to apply.

Award Package

// Participation and Presentation at Review Santa Fe
// Project Publication in Lenscratch, Analog Forever Magazine, and Catalyst: Interviews
// Online Exhibition with CENTER at visitcenter.org

2021 Award Recipient

Ana Cristina Vallejo, Brooklyn, NY; Neuromantic

From the statement – “My name is Ana and I am a love addict. All my life, I have been consumed by anxiety and trapped in a loop of rejecting the partners who want me and obsessing over the ones who don’t.

In march 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic severely hit NY and I was suddenly trapped in my apartment with myself. This ignited a process of looking inward and creating a visual language to cope with my anxiety and pain.”


Cosima Amelang – Senior Producer, Mobile Storytelling, National Geographic

Cosima Amelang is a multimedia producer and editor at National Geographic, where she specializes in visual storytelling on Instagram and the mobile web. Stories she has collaborated on have won ASME, SPD, and NPPA Awards. Previously she worked on television documentaries for PBS, National Geographic and programming for international film festivals.

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