Art for the Isolated

An expanding and diverse collective of artists and poets who are creating a generative dialogue between text and images. The resulting pairings are printed in the form of postcards and given to hospitals to be distributed to isolated patients and caregivers across the country.

This effort features numerous artists and poets of significance who have submitted works with hospital needs in mind. With selections in Spanish and English, our distribution practices take patient needs and preferences into account.

We are informed by healthcare professionals and collaborate with hospitals to fit varying medical contexts. We are engaged in ongoing research that gathers the measurable outcomes from our initiatives from patients and healthcare providers and is currently working to submit our findings to peer-reviewed medical humanities journals.

Our partnerships include Brilliant, and CENTER a non-profit media and arts organization, that provides support for the project. Additionally, we have partnered with Syracuse University to create an interdisciplinary art and poetry curriculum centered on collaborative gift-giving. Exemplary pairings are available for local and national distribution.

Visit the Art for the Isolated website or contact their team directly to join the collective.

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Juliet San Nicolas de Bradley is a photographer and speech-language pathologist. Her work delves into communities and their land, with all their brokenness and strength; her speech practice cultivates culturally diverse literacy and language skills for children. She is pursuing an M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Baylor University and lives in Merced, CA.

Joshua David Watson is a photographer, organizer and educator. His work explores the intersection of the physical, psychological, and spiritual through photographic and textual compositions. Joshua received his MFA from the University of Hartford in 2016. He currently lives and teaches in Los Angeles, CA.

The following images are © and provided by Art for the Isolated and are from the Collection Samples.

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