“Through the power of imagery, we are pushed to question our core beliefs and our responsibilities to each other as international citizens. In this sense, photography has the power to shine an uncompromising light on critical issues…” — Ismail Ferdous

This year the initiative is organized around the power of photography to bare witness, challenge inequitable structures and initiate change. Recognizing the fact that photography has been instrumental to critical discourse surrounding social movements from the earliest years of the medium, PhotoSummer 2017 offers a look into the history and contemporary use of photography as powerful force in society. Exploring complex ideas related to climate change, environmental destruction, gender inequity, incarceration, and race among others – this year’s focus on photography brings pressing and relevant issues to the forefront.

PhotoSummer is organized by UNM Art Museum and 516 ARTS in Albuquerque and CENTER, Axle Contemporary, American Society of Media Photographers and Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe.


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