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“Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.”
~ Elie Wiesel

Many organizations have shared their stance in support of Ukraine. This is the same. Repetition is important as it often takes different voices and formats for a message to be heard.

CENTER stands with Ukraine. We encourage you to do the same and support Ukrainian lives.

The world was brought to a standstill as news broke on February 24, 2022, that Russia had invaded Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is actively evolving, as are the needs of citizens in the country and neighboring regions. The Russian attacks have led to many people seeking shelter and safety. It is estimated that more than 500,000 Ukrainians have already fled to neighboring countries since the invasion, many traveling days without food or water. These numbers are expected to rise, given the escalating conflict. 

One of the best ways to help those affected is by staying on top of what is happening and learning more about how citizens are being affected. If you want to fact-check the news and information you’re seeing about Ukraine, #UkraineFacts is a great resource.

Below you will find a list of trustworthy sources and links to some educational and donation portals to a number of sites in support of bringing peace to Ukraine. Please read, donate, sign, and share the following:

Army SOSsupport for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Art4Ukraine all profits support Ukrainian families and children affected by the conflict | print sale ends on Weds., March 23
CivilM+ – an independent international civil society platform with a mission to restore peaceful, integrated and developed regions
Support Marginalised People in Ukraineresources for children, women, elderly, black persons, LGBTQ+, and disabled communities
Invited.Worldproviding people in need with information on temporary accomodation
Nigerians Leaving Ukraine help for Nigerians leaving Ukraine
Nova Ukrainea 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Razom’s Emergency Response an American non-profit organization providing urgent help and support to Ukraine in the face of extreme and unforeseen situations
Rise with Art an online photo gallery store helping raise funds for the Ukrainian Humanitarian Aid Emergency Fundraiser | print sale ends on Fri., April 1
Stand for Ukraine a list of verified projects to help Armed Forces of Ukraine or humanitarian charities
Stand with Ukraine – a list of ways to directly help Ukrainians
Support Ukraine NOW real ways you can help Ukraine as a foreigner

Come Back Alive Fundlargest foundation providing support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forcesspecial National Bank of Ukraine account to raise funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces
Energy for Ukraineraising money for refugee shelter generators at the border in the Krakow (Poland) and Lviv (Ukraine) regions
Monster Corporationproviding emergency medical, social, and humanitarian assistance to children and the elderly in Odessa
United Help UA medical aid and humanitarian relief for front lines

Close the Airspace above Ukraine – people around the world are asking NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine and deploy peacekeeping troops, provide military assistance, and support the Ukrainian people
No War in Ukraine petition hosted by World Beyond War: a global movement to end all wars
Petitions in Support of Ukraine – 115+ petitions on in support of Ukraine and its people

To add to the above list, please contact us.

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