© Jamey Stillings
Road to Nowhere: Southwest Soujourns

WHEN: May 30 – August 1, 2014
WHERE: Marion Center for Photographic Arts – 1600 St. Michael’s Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Road to Nowhere: Southwest Sojourns is about the endless, open road. What seemingly leads to nowhere, but which is, in fact, an adventure of the spirit to discover wonderful, quirky places and people – as long as one is open to wherever the road leads.

In conjunction with CENTER’s 20 year anniversary and flagship event, Review Santa Fe, local Review Santa Fe alumni and members were invited to consider the theme Road to Nowhere: Southwest Sojourns. Curated by Mary Anne Redding, Chair of the Photography Department, this exhibition is held in partnership with the Marion Center for Photographic Arts at Santa Fe University of Art & Design.

Participating Artists: Alan Pearlman, Carola Clift, Dolores Smart, Jamey Stillings, Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson, Jo Antreasian, John Healey, Jonathan Blaustein, Joseph Farmmartino, Lisa Blair, Martin Stupich, Pat Galagan, Patti Levey, Philip Metcalf, Steven Bromberg, and Susan Ressler.


Santa Fe University of Art & Design
Santa Fe Arts Commission
New Mexico Arts
New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs