2019 Summer Slide Event

CENTER hosts a juried and curated thematic slide show as part of the PhotoSummer offerings in Santa Fe. The ‘slide’ projection takes place at a different outdoor venue every year.

The Summer Slide program’s are made possible in part by the City of Santa Fe Arts Commission and the 1% Lodgers Tax.

© Kris Davidson

// Event Dates: Fri., June 7 & Sat., June 8, 8pm – 10pm AND Fri., June 14 & Sat., June 15, 8pm – 10pm
// Where: El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, East side of building, at the Santa Fe Railyard
// How: Free & Open to the Public

In conjunction with the opening weekend of the Currents New Media Festival.

Photography today can feel invisible. It saturates the news, social media, advertising, and vernacular uses in everyday life. Yet, photography’s ubiquitousness gives it a quiet power in numbers. It aids in the telling of important truths and lies; reinforcing rhetoric and debunking myths. Photography has the power to tell a story from an individual perspective and to be understood by the masses. The Big Reveal: Telling Truth in an Age of Fiction explores how photographers today are revealing truths and addressing the roles of fact and fiction in contemporary society.

Participating Artists:
Amy S. Martin, Anna Grevenitis, Arista Slater-Sandoval, Audra Osborne, Barbara Diener, Bree Lamb, Carol Allen-Storey, Cate Dingley, Chelsea Darter, Christine Carr, Christopher Sims, Clay Lipsky, Dominic Lippillo, Drew Cassidy Lenihan, Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth, Ed Kashi, Emily Yang, Erin Siegal McIntyre, Evan Perkins, Jane Whitmore, Psy.D, Jeremiah Ariaz, Jonas Fischer, Jose Ney, Kalee Appleton, Kris Davidson, Marilyn Montufar, Peter Merts, Rania Matar, Rocky McCorkle, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Shauna Frischkorn, Susan Hamilton, Tamara Reynolds, Thomas Bachand, Tira Khan, Wes Bell, and Zach Taylor.

View the work here.

2018 Summer Slide Events

Jamey Stillings

© Jamey Stillings

When: Thursday, June 7 & Friday, June 8, 2018
Where: The Santa Fe Railyard, near the Second Street Brewery
In conjunction with the Interplanetary Festival

ARTIST TALK: June 14 from 6-7pm, Conjured Futures Photographers Jamey Stillings, Ellen Jantzen & Michael Jantzen will be discussing their work presented in the projection.

View the Conjured Futures Gallery

Conjured Futures is a juried projection featuring photographic images that address or question new technologies, policies, and movements that are shaping the future of humanity. In this curation, we focus on projects that look at solutions or alternate outcomes. So often in western society do we see an emphasis that is put on destruction and problems, without considering what can be done to remediate damage.

In the last 5 – 10 years with the advent of drone photography and popularity of aerial photography, there have been many projects documenting the massive changes to the environment caused by human activity. These projects have helped to generate an understanding of humanity’s present environmental and socio-political crisis, and now it is time to think about the future. How are technologies being used to preserve and restore the environment? What does the future look like? What is being done to take control of our futures?

Featured Artists: Memphis Barbee, Xiang-yun Chen, Tara Cronin, Rebecca Hackemann, Abbey Hepner, Jeffrey Heyne, Adriene Hughes, Michael Jantzen, Ellen Jantzen, Sarah Knobel, Patrick McPheron, Avital Oehler, Jamey Stillings and Melanie Walker.

Shinya Masuda

© Shinya Masuda

When: Thursday, June 14 & Friday, June 15, 2018
Where: The Santa Fe Railyard, near the Second Street Brewery

In conjunction with the Currents New Media Festival

View the Color Cue Gallery

Color Cue: Explorations in Perception is a juried projection featuring photographic images that explore color as a subject, muse, and scientific phenomenon. Utilizing color theory and the effects of color combinations, Color Cue exposes an underlying conceptual framework that brings into question how the environment and culture affect the perception of color. For centuries color was considered an unexplained phenomenon until Isaac Newton discovered color waves in the 1660’s through his experimentations with sunlight and prisms. Through the years, humanity has continued to make discoveries and create theories about how and why color is a part of the visual experience. Photography has played a vital role in advancing the understanding of the visual world – from the invention of color film to the creation of lenses, photography has helped us understand how we see.

Featured Artists: Farras Abdelnour, Kalee Appleton, Syl Arena, Brenda Biondo, Stephanie Nnamani, Roger Camp, Peggy Curtis, Matthew Ford, Matthew Gamber, Gianmaria Gava, Reid Harer, Natalja Kent, Gurudarshan Khalsa, Sarah Knobel, Shinya Masuda, Andy Mattern, R.A. McBride, David Ricci, Catherine Roberts Leach, Allen Ruttenberg, Evgeniya Sterlyagova, Laurinda Stockwell, and Tom Turner.

2017 Events:

Kelly Eckel

© Kelly Eckel

When: June 10 – September 15, 2017
Panel Discussion: Saturday, June 10, 5-6pm
Reception: Saturday, June 10, 6-8pm
Where: Santa Fe University of Art & Design’s Marion Center, 1600 St. Michael’s Drive, Santa Fe, NM
How: Free and open to the public

The 2017 annual PhotoSummer exhibition theme of Art & Oppression and the works include many conceptual and literal interpretations. The curated photographs record victims of civil war in Sri Lanka, Guatemalan refugees in Mexico, uranium mining in western New Mexico, while others consider the suppression of women, police violence and surveillance.

Artists: Carl Moore, Francis Baker, Jane Szabo, Jerry Takigawa, Joan Fitzsimmons, Kelly Eckel, Kerry Skarbakka, Lynne Buchanan, Manuel & Oscar Gil, Marilyn Maxwell, Megan Jacobs, Patti Levey, Pilar Law, Tama Baldwin and Wes Bell.

View the extended Art & Oppression Gallery here.

© Jeanine Michna-Bales

Through Darkness to Light: Seeking Freedom on the Underground Railroad
When: June 2 – July 15, 2017
Where: photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space, 376A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM
How: Free and open to the public, Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5:30pm

CENTER presents an exhibition of photographs by Jeanine Michna-Bales featuring work from her project Through Darkness to Light: Seeking Freedom on the Underground Railroad. The artist spent ten years researching and retracing the journey of escaped slaves along the path of the nearly 1,400 mile Underground Railroad. Her photographs are taken at night capturing the places much as those who traveled along this route saw them many decades ago. Princeton Architectural Press published and released the book of the same title in 2017. Copies will be available at photo-eye.


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