Lost Ground: Envisioning the Veil of Mental Illness
This work explores the complexity of the human psyche, specifically abnormal brain activity and its parallel to changes in the environment.

The photographs from the series Lost Ground: Envisioning the Veil of Mental Illness were created in response to unreasonable manmade environmental crises. They reveal veiled places of sanctuary, both threaded and unraveled, sharing space with abnormal brain activity. This juxtaposition addresses many environmental changes happening now, from climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, air and water pollution, and the draining of our natural resources.

To visualize these science-related issues, I utilize data-driven images of abnormal EEG testing and print them directly onto transparent gauze. After capturing and printing photographs of places that I cherish, I use surgical thread to physically suture the two images. By emphasizing these connections, I hope to create a space for much-needed dialogue in hopes of furthering education and stimulating ideas to initiate change for the future health of our environment.

Final works are produced by the artist as an archival pigment print on rag matte paper. Pigment-printed gauze is sewn over the printed photograph and attached using surgical suture thread.

Archival Pigment Prints on paper, archival pigment prints on gauze, medical sutures