FRANK LOPEZ – Addison, Texas

The Instant of Being Here and Now
Human experience has changed with the pervasiveness of collective narcissism within our daily societal interactions. Gesture and body language have changed in relation to street photography and human experience. Where before, life was shared with direct interaction to the experience; now, there is the insatiable need to “capture” the perfect image with the self in mind. Through the ubiquitous reach of social media, narcissistic behavior has become endemic to a large population in the desire to become the next “influencer” resulting in oversharing of every waking moment of our public persona. “Being in the Moment” takes on a different tone when the insatiable need to feed narcissistic behaviors supersedes acknowledgment of respect and compassion for fellow human beings. Social-Emotional Health suffers at the cost of oversharing where one feels the need to display a “perfect life” persona.