From the series "Monodramatic" © Daisuke Takakura, 2018 Review Santa Fe Alum

At Review Santa Fe, we work hard to research and include reviewers offering more than feedback and opportunities for career advancement and placement of your work in a supportive and friendly environment. Each year CENTER carefully selects curators, editors, book publishers, gallery and festival directors, and more to attend the prestigious event.

View the participating 2021 Reviewers below, and the growing list of 2022 Reviewers here.

Exhibiting & Collecting

Non-profit & Commercial Galleries

Elizabeth Avedon
Independent Curator | Photography Book Designer
Mary Ann Camilleri
Founder & President, The Magenta Foundation – Toronto, Canada
Darren Ching
Co-Director, Klompching Gallery – New York, NY
Brian Paul Clamp
Director, ClampArt – New York City, NY
Jordan Eddy
Gallery Director, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art | form & concept – Santa Fe, NM
Marissa Fassano
Communications & Curatorial Director, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art | form & concept – Santa Fe, NM
Elizabeth Houston
Owner, Elizabeth Houston Gallery – New York, NY
Ann Jastrab
Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art – Carmel, CA
Anne Kelly
Director, photo-eye Gallery – Santa Fe, NM
Sage Paisner
Executive Director, Foto Forum – Santa Fe, NM
Laura Sackett
Creative Director & Co-Founder, LensCulture
Jennifer Schlesinger
Owner & Director, Obscura Gallery – Santa Fe, NM
Roula Seikaly
Writer | Curator | Senior Editor & Co-Curatorial Director, Humble Arts Foundation – Berkeley, CA

Museums, Curators, & Festival Directors

Antonio Carloni
Deputy Director, Le Gallerie d’Italia – Turin, Italy
Crista Dix
Executive Director, Griffin Museum of Photography – Winchester, MA
Natasha Egan
Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College – Chicago, IL
Meghan Jordan
Curatorial Assistant, George Eastman Museum Dept. of Photography – Rochester, NY
Toby Jurovics
Director, Barry Lopez Foundation for Art & Environment – Santa Fe, NM
Deborah Klochko
Executive Director & Chief Curator, Museum of Photographic Arts – San Diego, CA
Shana Lopes, Ph. D.
Assistant Curator of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – CA
Ysabel Pinyol Blasi
Executive Director, Monira Foundation – Jersey City, NJ & Chicago, IL
Mary Anne Redding
Curator, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts – Boone, NC
Marisa Sage
Director & Head Curator, New Mexico State University Art Museum – Las Cruces, NM
Dr. Rebecca Senf
Chief Curator, Center for Creative Photography at the Phoenix Museum of Art – Tucson, AZ
Mary Statzer, Ph. D.
Curator of Prints & Photographs, UNM Art Museum – Albuquerque, NM
Lisa Sutcliffe
Herzfeld Curator of Photography & Media Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum – WI
Barbara Tannenbaum
Chair of Prints, Drawings, & Photographs / Curator of Photography, Cleveland Museum of Art – OH
Ann Thomas
Independent Curator | Former Senior Curator of Photographs, National Gallery of Canada
Leslie Ureña
Curator of Photographs, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery – Washington, DC
Katherine Ware
Curator of Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art – Santa Fe, NM
Paolo Woods
Artistic Director, Cortona on the Move Festival – Italy



Alexa Becker
Contributing Editor & Photography Consultant, Kehrer Verlag – Heidelberg, Germany
Natalie Butterfield
Associate Editor, Art Publishing Group, Chronicle Books – San Francisco, CA
Caleb Cain Marcus
Designer for KGP & Monolith Editions | Creative Director of Luminosity Lab – Brooklyn, NY
Nelson Chan & Carl Wooley
Publishers, TIS Books
David Chickey
Publisher & Creative Director, Radius Books – Santa Fe, NM
Kelli Connell & Paul D’Amato
Founding Editors, Skylark Editions – Chicago, IL
Joanna Hurley
HurleyMedia LLC, Founder & Publisher – Santa Fe, NM
Christopher Johnson
Manager, photo-eye Bookstore – Santa Fe, NM
Michelle Dunn Marsh
Founder & Publisher, Minor Matter Books – Seattle, WA
Melanie McWhorter
Consultant, Grenade in a Jar – Santa Fe, NM
Shane Rocheleau
Editor, Gnomic Books
Maarten Schilt
Founder & Publisher, Schilt Publishing & Gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Denise Wolff
Senior Editor, Aperture – New York, NY


Tim Anderson
Publisher, Shadow & Light Magazine
Kate Bubacz
Photo Director, BuzzFeed News
Clinton Cargill
Assistant Editor for Visuals, The New York Times
Alana Celii
Photo Editor, The New York Times
Jess T. Dugan
Artist & Co-Founder, Strange Fire Collective
Amy Feitelberg
Photo Art Direction Lead, Square
Stephen Frailey
Founder & Editor, Dear Dave, Magazine
Stephanie Heimann
Photo Director, The New Republic – New York, NY
Lauryn Hill
Photo Editor, WIRED Magazine – San Francisco, CA
Holly Stuart Hughes
Freelance Photography Writer, Editor & Event Producer
Whitney Johnson
Director of Visuals & Immersive Experiences, National Geographic
Michael Kirchoff
Editor-in-Chief, Analog Forever Magazine & Catalyst: Interviews
Bree Lamb
Managing Editor, Fraction Magazine
Carrie Levy
Creative Director, ChowNow – New York, NY
Mark Murrmann
Photo Editor, Mother Jones – San Francisco, CA
Alyssa Ortega Coppleman
Deputy Art Director, Harper’s Magazine | Art Researcher, Oxford American magazine & PBS’s Brief But Spectacular series
Amy Silverman
Photo Director, 100 Battles | Photo Editor & Photo Producer – Airbnb
Aline Smithson
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, LENSCRATCH
Amber Terranova
Education Director, Magnum Photos
Lauren Tresp
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Southwest Contemporary – Santa Fe, NM
Sara Urbaez
Founder, LISTO | Photo Art Director, Square – Oakland, CA
Nicole Werbeck
Senior Supervising Editor for Visuals & Engagement, NPR


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