2019 Winners Exhibition

2019 Winners Exhibition

Image detail of Rift © Cody Cobb, 2019 Curators Choice Winner

2019 Award Winners Exhibtion

Opening Night: Friday, December 6, from 5pm-8pm
Venue: Pictura Gallery, 202 S. Rogers Street, Bloomington, IN
Exhibition Dates: December 6, 2019 – February 1, 2020.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5:30, Saturday 10am-7pm

CENTER’s artists investigate current issues like segregation, historical stereotypes, coming-of-age, maternal mortality and more. CENTER’s 2019 Award and Grant winners projects are featured in the exhibition, 2019 CENTER Santa Fe Award Winners Exhibition, with images selected by Mia Diaglish & Lisa Woodard, curators at the Pictura Gallery.

Cody Cobb; Rift, 2018 from the project “Strange Land”

Rania Matar; Nour #2, Beirut Lebanon, 2017 from the project “SHE”

Choice Awards

Each year, selected artists are awarded significant financial support in multiple categories. The Choice Awards recognize outstanding photographers working in all processes and subject matter. The awards are divided into three categories: Curator’s Choice, Editor’s Choice, and Director’s Choice. For more information about each artist click on the link to their winning project.

Curator’s Choice Awards
Selected by Makeda Best, Curator of Photography, Harvard Art Museum

Director’s Choice Awards
Selected by Monica Allende, Artistic Director, Getxophoto International Festival & Independent Curator

Editor’s Choice Awards
Selected by MaryAnne Golon, Director of Photography, The Washington Post

  • 1st Place: Rania Matar, Brookline, MA; SHE
  • 2nd Place: Kitra Cahana, Quebec, Canada; Caravana Migrante
  • 3rd Place: Xan Padron, New York, NY; Time Lapse

Excellence in Multimedia Award

Selected by Makeda Best, Curator of Photography, Harvard Art Museum

The Excellence in Multimedia Award recognizes outstanding photo-media artists and storytellers working in a variety of media processes and subject matter.

me&EVE Award

Selected by Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography, The New York Times Magazine

In partnership with photographer and alum, Dorie Hagler, CENTER is pleased to offer this $5,000 Award. Awarded to a female photographer*, 40 years of age and over, who uses their camera to address social justice. *Welcoming submissions from transgender and non-binary individuals.
  • Lori Hawkins, New York, NY; Too Far to Walk
  • Project Launch Grant

    Selected by Virginia Heckert, Curator, Department of Photographs, The J. Paul Getty Museum

    The Project Launch is granted to an outstanding photographer working on a fine art series or documentary project. This grant is awarded to complete or nearly completed projects that would benefit from the grant award package.
  • Igor Tershkov, Moscow, Russia; Oil and Moss
  • Honorable Mention: Moira McDonald, San Francisco, CA; Pacifica
  • Honorable Mention: Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth, Peaks Island, ME; Sleep Creek
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